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Every job is incredibly different, and I love it because you’re picking up skill sets and experiences. It’s the university of life.

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Gay bar scene

Gay bar scene

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"An old friend."

Sally and Sherlock used to be much closer.

Taking this wonderful gifset as an opportunity to rec, for the 298231287462th time, The Deepest Secret Nobody Knows.

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I have found the most dorkiest face by benedict cumberbatch everimagefucking look at that beauty

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ben c memeten quotes [2/10]:
"I can’t play the piano very well, I cannot play the violin at all, I can’t computer programme, I can’t paint like Van Gogh can paint, I can’t conceive of the cosmos in my head in the way Stephen Hawking can but attempting to and trying to get close to it and honour something of their talent is a real gift every time I get the opportunity to play these extraordinary people."

This quote is making me cry.

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Jaguar GoodToBeBad with Tom Hiddleston & Benedict Cumberbatch

Jaguar GoodToBeBad with Tom Hiddleston & Benedict Cumberbatch

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The difference between ten and eleven

Ten just suffered from massive second hand embarrassment.

most times Eleven was the embarrassment

that last one killed me ^

Did you have to use the term second-hand, though.

This is Ten we’re talking about.

Oh my god you said the thing

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STID Behind the Scenes: Introducing the Villain (x)

I’d make that face too, if I was standing that close to Benedict Cumberbatch while he’s dressed like that.

Nothing in the universe can be lovelier, seriously… \*-*/

The evening wouldn’t be complete without some gratuitous coat porn. This is my favourite coat!

Oh and go follow Noel Clarke on Twitter or facebook. He’s lovely.

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In which Martin is an A class player with mad game


and Ben is a fucking nerd as usual


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